Everdamn Poetry

Huddled around like shadows

He walks across the beach to find his love
She’s painting him walking 0n the shoreline
The sound of the waves drown out his footsteps
She looks so beautiful in the fading dusk light
His heart skips a beat as she smiles towards him
In another moments breath she’s gone
A distant memory from the window of the future
His heart crashes and breaks as he misses her touch

She finds him in the dark in a small apartment
She holds her drink for the comfort it brings
“How was it today?” words so broken, she whispers
“Fine thanks” he answered non-committing
He softens and concedes, “Actually, really tough”
Her mouth opens and gasps slightly as he replies
She doesn’t feel like she can hear the words
Inside her body crumbles down to the floor


© Everdamn Poetry 2020
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